Our Very Busy 2014

What an eventful year it has been for the Doolittle/Dolan/Dog family! I’ll be lucky if it all fits in one post. But first let us offer warm winter wishes, annual advent acclamations, and seasonal salutations to our friends, our families, and of course, to the person who taught Eireann about alliteration.

We learned a lot this year. Eireann learned that when you leave hair stuck in the shower drain for long enough, eventually it turns black and moldy.

The Ring

Sean learned not a change-up.

Stella learned that eating an entire box of expensive artisanal macaroons that Eireann was going to parcel out to herself throughout the day so she didn’t feel like she was eating them all at once was a very bad thing and she was a very bad dog and she needs to go in her crate right this second.

Chantal Guillon

But we also did a lot this year.

Eireann got her hair cut pretty short into a bob like Emma Stone and it looked supes adorbs.

Emma Stone

She also colored her hair bright blue and green and learned all the fun ways people give compliments. Like, “I could never get away with that!” or, “I’d like to do that but my husband would kill me!” or, “Why?”

She started using panko to bread things instead of plain breadcrumbs. That was a game-changer.

In January, she visited Al Udeid Air Force Base in Doha, Qatar, and she learned quite a bit about how her skin reacts to the desert sun without sunscreen.


She was also lucky enough to meet with the Al Udeid K9 team and their respective dogs. She had to be restrained from trying to bring all of the dogs back to the US with her.


Eireann continued to work from home for her amazing, thoughtful, talented boss J.R., who is likely reading this.

For Sean’s birthday, she forgot to order him a personalized cake in time, so she had to buy a cake at Safeway that said, “Go Team” and modify it slightly to make it look like it was intended for him all along.


In October, Eireann saw a man at the mall who looked exactly like the dad from Family Matters, but it turned out upon closer inspection to be just a guy.

Reginald VelJohnson

While Eireann has certainly had herself quite a busy year, Sean continued to play tee-ball over the summer with his friends. I think he played the tee, I forget. You’ll have to ask him.


Happy holidays, everyone!


The Doolittle/Dolan/Dog Family



2 thoughts on “Our Very Busy 2014

    • They couldn’t see the games but they’d stand by the entrance gates to listen during the post season runs in the 1970s. I have photos. Not sure why you’d have a problem believing this.


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