Stella: Good for the Building, Good for the Bay Area

Stella Willy Loman

Sean and I are looking for an apartment in the Bay Area to rent during this coming baseball season. It’s not always easy trying to find a place to live for six or seven months at a time. When the realtor asks when the move out date is and you say ehhhhh Septemberish, but hopefully the end of October? you can almost see them imagining themselves throwing out your application in favor of one of the bazillions of tech people applications.

Google or GTFO

So when we finally found a lead on a new building with everything we needed, we thought it was too good to be true. It allows dogs. We have space to put my office. No ghosts (that we know of… the realtor didn’t spend much time focusing on the paranormal specs of the building). A gym for me to tell people I worked out in even though I probably spent that time watching King of the Hill at home and wondering if gummy worms would taste good dipped in Nutella (yes, right?).

The only catch was that we had to create a resume for our dog to attach to our application. I asked the realtor if this meant just like, a few sentences about Stella explaining her breed, health, and temperament. The realtor said, “think of it as a formal resume that you might submit when you are seeking a job.”

Oh well when you put it like that…

I don’t know how to make a person resume, so making one for a dog was no easy task.

I think I did as well as I could, all things considered.

Please keep your fingers crossed that we get approved.



6 thoughts on “Stella: Good for the Building, Good for the Bay Area

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