Happy Thank a Woman Day!


Some days I remember how freaking lucky I am to have so many incredible women in my life. Today is one of those days. So I made up a holiday for it. Happy Thank a Woman Day!

I took a minute to reflect this morning on all the amazing women in my life, and so here is my thank you to them. Please take a minute to reach out to the inspirational women in your life and tell them you’re grateful for them.

So here are my thank yous:

Thank you to my great-grandmother who did accounting work while raising children.

Thank you to my one grandmother who had five kids and an Ivy League degree in mathematics. And to my other grandmother who raised ten children and still went to nursing school to become an OB/GYN nurse.

Guess who was using the Catholic “Rhythm Method” of birth control?

Thank you to my two other step-grandmothers working as women in ministry. You both inspired me to get a degree in theology.

Thank you to my amazing mom who went to college and grad school while her three children were under the age of five. Who taught middle schoolers while raising children (one of whom has special needs). Thank you mom for then going on to nursing school at the age of 44 and becoming a boss-as-hell nurse.

Thank you to my other mom Elise who worked her ass off for a doctorate she uses to counsel college students at UCSD and to work with young women struggling with image and body issues.

Thank you mom and Elise for also taking care of my older brother Michael Peter every single day and for making sure he lives as independently as he can as an adult with autism. You make sure he can go to college and work a job and do all the other things we often take for granted.

Thank you to Sean’s mom, Debbie Doolittle for working one-on-one every single day with a student with special needs. Thank you for volunteering your spare time (what spare time?!) to host bowling leagues and craft programs for children with learning disabilities.

Thank you Sean’s sister Meghan for repping your company’s brand all around the country and for being the most athletic of all three Doolittle children.

Thank you to Sean’s stepmom for your service in the US Air Force and for raising one hell of a daughter.

Thank you to my badass sister-in-law who spends her spare time literally climbing mountains and coding software for fun. 

Thank you to my many aunts and cousins – some running their own successful businesses, some raising some of the best damn kids you’ll ever meet, some managing households, some using their skills and education to volunteer in impoverished countries, some working multiple jobs to supplement their family income while paying off student loans, one even working on a cure for cancer at the University of Chicago while running marathons!

Thank you to my friends who use their spare time to run successful blogs and balance family life with volunteering in the community. Thank you to all the women writers and journalists and media-members I know who break ceilings so my lazy ass doesn’t have to. Thank you to my friend Jamie who manages a restaurant and just bought her own home by herself. Thank you to my friend Lexi who hustles like no one else I know to create fun and engaging content. Thank you to my awesome boss Devon and my producer Lauren who show not only that women belong in sports media, but that they are necessary in sports media. Thank you to my friend Olivia who raises two little girls, works long hours, and takes the time to coach her daughter’s t-ball team. Thank you to Jenny who raised a family while working and still has time to come to every home game at the O.Co Coliseum and bake me cookies when she knows I’ll need them most.

Every woman I know is so inspirational. And the best part is that they’d never ask for or expect a single moment of recognition.

Every single woman has a calling in life and none of ours are the same. Supporting women means supporting their choices; being genuinely happy with any calling our fellow women live out. Working in an office or working in the home.

As long as we are all challenged AND fulfilled in our paths, then we can all be better role models for future generations. Remember to thank the amazing women in your life today, and if they ask why, tell them how they’ve inspired you. And tell them to go out and thank the women in their lives.

Thank you and stay bossy, ladies.

Happy Thank a Woman Day!


My incredible mom Kathy


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