I’m Eireann Dolan: TV correspondent and host of Call to the Pen on Comcast Sportsnet California, speechwriter, pizza reheater, dog petter, bat flipper, Taco Bell napkin waster.

My boyfriend throws a ball kind of fast for a living, but this isn’t really about him.

I’m originally from Chicago, but we split our time between Oakland and Scottsdale.

I regret every exclamation point I use.


12 thoughts on “Who?

  1. John O says:

    Eireann – I completely respect your family story and applaud your efforts to help those in the LGBT shelter and hope that work continues.
    However – I hope you’re aware that your own quote:
    “Just because they are including one group doesn’t mean everyone else is excluded,” said Dolan.
    Is commonly and soundly REJECTED almost daily when matters of a church or organization’s views come up. It’s a quote that any leader, pastor, CEO will say that declaring one’s beliefs doesn’t mean excluding others – yet that view is shot down angrily by the LGBT community who constantly pushes views on people who might not have an ounce of discord in them, they simply are straight, and that is their only crime.
    Please keep in mind you don’t become what you despise – exclusive and judgemental.

    John in SF


  2. Ann in SF says:

    Wow John in SF. This is probably one of the most ignorant statements I’ve seen. There any many LGBT members who attend church and many religious communities who accept them. To consider that the entire LGBT community as “angrily pushing their views on others” is quite an exercise in ignorance. If you feel uncomfortable with their views – which in essence is an LGBT person simply existing or being who they are – then you should look deep inside yourself and ask yourself why. We aren’t born perfect and bigotry is human nature. But to evolve, we should strive to be better people.


  3. Andrew says:

    Dear John in SF,
    “Black people should not marry whites” is an opinion, too. And once upon a time it was codified in criminal legislation and justified by citations of natural law and invocation of God, even by judges in courts. Labeling that sort of opinion for what it is – racist – is not being judgmental and exclusive to white people. It’s a gross logical fallacy to suggest that having people account for their words and actions that infringe upon someone else’s rights and dignity on account of sexual orientation or gender identity is committing the same offense as those who perpetuate the originating prejudice.

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  4. John in SF,
    I’m a Christian and I am so excited by what Eireann and Sean are doing. It shows love and acceptance, which should be Christian values. I would caution you to speak for all Christians when you claim that the views of churches are rejected. There are plenty of Christian churches that are welcoming communities–like Glide Memorial Church in your own city, the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church USA, United Methodist Welcoming parishes, and even radically inclusive Roman Catholic, Mormon and Baptist groups. Love is love. Family is family. Eireann obviously was raised by two amazing mothers in addition to her dad to become such a woman of integrity!

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  5. alison says:

    I never usually comment on other people’s webpages, but it seems wrong to have the responses to your “who” be what they are when what you have shared is so much more than that. So, thank you. Thank you for being funny and smart and practical and engaged. Thanks for pointing out absurdity with such grace and wisdom and chutzpah that you bring others along who should have been able to get there by themselves. Please be careful in the sun. The world needs your heart.

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  6. John in SF says:

    I love how no one responded to what I actually said – just reacted to a differing view.
    I was merely noting that Eireaan’s phrase: “Just because they are including one group doesn’t mean everyone else is excluded,” has been said by the “other side,” yet continuously misunderstood and rejected by the LGBT community even as Eireann invoked it. A different opinion doesn’t equate to hate, but unfortunately hate is what has been sold. Just because My opinion is that I like Levi jeans, it doesn’t automatically mean I hate Lucky brand. Or whatever.
    Lighten up and wake up people – I also applauded her for her work with troubled teenagers – which I sincerely mean – but of course no one focused on the positive.


  7. Tom says:

    As a straight man who has worked in pro ball for the last 27 years….Thank you so much for the stand you took to support the LGBT community. I wish you only the best, and another great season for Sean too. Bless you both.


  8. Sheila S says:


    Please thank your moms and allow me find out what they did to raise extraordinary children. We are in the process of trying to have children this summer and are terrified on multiple levels, asking questions about how they will turn out? What kind of parents will we be as two moms? Then I see you, read what you have done, laugh at your impeccable timing and flavor in narrative. I smile thinking about all the possibilities that this privilege to have children can create. If people only knew what we go through to consider having children #gonesavings #noaccidentshere. I too now digress. Point being, my wife and I will be in San Fran in May to get ready for her third, my second, AIDS Lifecycle, riding from San Fran to Los Angeles to benefit medical and mental health services for SF AIDS Foundation and LA LGBT Center. We would love to take your moms to lunch and thank them for giving us so much hope in this time.


  9. Dear Eireann,

    You guys are awesome. It’s great to see. I’m not religious at all, but I do make a point to try and be Christian (as a verb) (Ya know, meaning follower of Christ. Like, he said this so I try to do this.)

    Anyway, kudos and hats off for being awesome. If you ever need Web help, I own a small Web Development business that does custom Joomla and WordPress sites and applications exclusively. I’d be happy to donate our services 100% free of charge for any of your philanthropic efforts.


    • Thanks Chris! I’m actually not religious either. Like at all. But that’s okay – no reason to let religion get in the way of following Jesus’s example 😉
      Thank you so much for the offer! I’ll definitely keep that in mind.


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